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First time ordering from Royal Buds?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for first-time Royal Buds customers. We hope that this page will provide you with some direction and peace of mind!

If you have any further questions, visit our contact us page to get in touch with us directly.

Generally a lap around the city takes 1-2 hours depending on the order volume. We don’t have store locations in every neighbourhood like franchise pizza shops but we are expanding to new locations very soon to decrease order times. You can expect to receive your order in 15-120 mins from the time it goes out. Please always remember, good patience, brings great weed.
9am-9pm (7 days a week)
If you placed a CASH order online, its automatically confirmed and will 100% go out at the next delivery time. The driver will call when close. We will send you a completed email after its been delivered to redeem your points. E-TRANSFER orders must be confirmed before they go out. We will send you a confirmation email to confirm payment has been received. MAIL ORDERS are E-Transfer only, orders will be shipped with an express tracker once payment is received.
All of our packages are shipped secure through Canada Post. All packages shipped within Ontario take 1-2 days average. Small rural cities and cities out east take up to 2-4 days. Post offices are open Monday-Friday. All Mail Order Weed payments received before 2PM EASTERN will be shipped the same day. Orders shipped out Friday before 2PM still make movement over the weekend and can be expected on the Monday or Tuesday latest.
Royal Buds Supply GUARANTEES AND INSURES ALL ORDERS or 100% money back.
The E-Transfer fee is tax only. We pay taxes on all sales cash and E-Transfer. E-Transfer has full sales tax, we pay 3% for you and our own. Cash is always preferred but we leave the option open to you, for your convenience. We strongly advise on large order to always try to pay by cash if you can.
All E-transfer payments must be received before the order goes out for delivery. When payment is received you'll receive a notification and the order will go out at the next time delivery time.
All local weed delivery orders under $100 have a delivery fee of $10. The $10 only covers a portion of the drivers cost. All drivers and employees are paid respectably well for their services. Orders over $100 have a bigger margin and we share those saving with you. We offer Free Weed Delivery and Free Mail Order Weed on ALL orders over $100.
You must input your local ADDRESS + AREA CODE and a CASH option will appear. All orders outside London are E-Transfer only. If your looking to place a large quantity order ($1000+) please contact us direct for payment options.
If you applied your points at the top of the checkout screen it'll prompt you with "Your points have successfully been applied (with the amount)". You can also refer to the invoice that's sent to your email, at anytime.
You will redeem your points after the order has been delivered. All points do not expire and can be used and saved for any given time. You can also share and receive points in your profile under account settings.
Orders are package in thick smell-proof bags and then either packaged within another closed bag or a sealed box. All exterior packaging is discrete with no THC or company labelling.
We have over 150 different kinds of flower products on average. We have lots of concentrate items and edibles as well. If there's anything you specifically would like to order thats not on the menu (THC), please contact us direct and we will see if we can find the strain for you. We maintain great relations with over 20 B.C growers. We are always expanding our relations to bring you the best quality and weed selection around.