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With such a potent cannabis strain, you should expect super-intense effects. Pink Star is a total creeper, often taking some minutes to set in. Once it does, a mind buzz kicks in thanks to the excellent strain THC level. Like most Indica strains, this creeper takes control of your body and mind. First, your limbs feel heavy, and an urgent need to sit down takes over.

Slowly, the tension in the muscles eases, and you feel happy, euphoric and uplifted. Also, your mind gets cloudy and dreamy. With a larger dosage, tokers find that they are couch-bound and immobile, but relaxed. This effect often ends in sleep, especially for novices. Because of this, ensure you are in a comfortable place. Further, Pink Death Star is suitable for night time consumption because of the sleepy aftermath effect.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g