30.15% (AAAA) GASSY PINK 180$/OZ


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This Gassy Pink indica dominant cannabis strain shares many sought-after phenotypes with other pink BC buds. This rare 90% indica dominant hybrid is a cross of British Columbian favourite Bubba Kush and the powerful, spacey Pink Kush. This gassy, complex bud packs a soaring cannabinoid range of up to 28% THC and 1% CBD. As a result, it gently dismantles the aches and pains accumulated throughout a long day. Gassy Pink is a warming, spicy smoke to be savoured on a cozy day off. Similarly, it’s perfect in the nighttime for a relaxing, sleep-inducing full-body buzz. The painful symptoms of serious conditions that impact daily life quality like chronic pain, Gassy Pink can effectively treat stress, anxiety and insomnia with Gassy Pink.

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