19.2% (AA) SWEET KUSH 40$/OZ


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This indica dominant hybrid cannabis plant is known for its deep forest green buds tinted with an abundance of orange hairs. Grown right, its buds should look like they were rolled around in sugar. The aroma wafting from these flowers tends to be sweet and citrusy, and when smoked, it tastes a bit like lemon drops infused with a little soil.

Lab results show it can pump out cannabinoids at around 18% THC.

At lower doses, Sweet Kush can stimulate creativity and raise the spirits. Higher doses will bring on a sedative effect, causing sleepiness and possibly even couch-lock. It is recommended for treating restlessness, insomnia, high stress, minor aches and pains, or lack of appetite.

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14g, 28g, QP (4oz), 1/2 LB. (224G), 1 LB. (448G)